Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Close - Dislose?

‘Hey, I have HIV’

Disclosure is one of those things that a positive deals with on the intimate level. Fear of confessing stems from a plethora of reasons: from individual disgrace to societal denouncement, from the trivial rejection to the affected stigma. 

One major facet to consider is who deserves this private information – the immediate family, the close friend and/or the fateful lover? After this forethought, one has to ask if they need to know (the partner – yes, for reclusion perpetua reasons) or if you need to let them know – for support or to unburden oneself.

Personally, no familial confession has spouted from this uncouth mouth because of one superficial reason – the blissful ego. The ego believes that yours truly is the golden boy, the star of the Noche Buena feast.  I am the favorite son, the looker who gets to model and the hardworking breadwinner who brings home the tenderloin. The Christmas Ham can’t exactly be depraved inside, you know. The magnanimous (albeit self-deceitful) side of me holds that it’s not necessary to afflict them with this damaging reality – what’s unnecessary is inconsequential. 

Additionally, hey don’t even know that I indulge with men. Just imagine how my declaration would turn out:

Me: Ma, Pa, I have HIV..
Pa:  (incredulous) But how?
Me: Uhm, I sleep around with men
Ma: *faints*

-          end scene  –

Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. HA!

Getting on with the program - while the family has been left in the backstage of this sordid HIV tale, my disclosed-to are limited to one very perceptive friend and those who I credited at some obtuse point as probable paramours. Yes, with an s. I’ve yet to mull over the why behind this effortless transparency with relatively random strangers over blood relations.

Initially, my revelation strategy was indeterminate: should it be expressed in person or in virtual (lest the receiver resort to vitriolics) should I reveal at the onset or conceal till the inset? Each has its pros and cons – the former, extracted from artlessness and honesty, the latter, from caution and concealment. Each I have experienced with great expectations and the game-face on. While most aren’t so receptive (see them gargling after a passionate tongue twister) there are those whose fortitude deserve my fearless standing ovation (with the classic slow clap)

If there’s one lesson I learned from disclosure it is that regardless of the means, timing and level of comprehension, the personal dynamics between the confessor and confidante is what’s relevant for acceptance and tolerance.

The year before, I dated this guy for a few months. But when I felt that he’s getting more involved than what is obligatory, I called him up in the middle of the night, and blurted out,

‘Hey, I have HIV..’

With nonchalance he replied, ‘Uhm.. So?’

And we have been together since then.

"Confession is always weakness. The grave soul keeps its own secrets, and takes its own punishment in silence." 

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